Women’s Button Down Shirts

Mark Barclay wearing ‘Tessera For Mark V 2’ workshirt by Susan C. Price

I’ve been searching for a while for a source for men’s and women’s button down shirts.  Since I’m not producing any of my clothing in bulk, it requires more time to seek out suppliers.  Finally, one of the companies I have designs with, Print All Over Me, is producing them!  I have one of their ‘workshirts‘ with a marvelous print from my friend and artist Susan C. Price, which I love, but it is made with a heavier material (hence the ‘work’ moniker) than a traditional button down.  Their new button down shirts are 100% cotton, and the prints look marvelous on them.  This company does an excellent job with the artwork, as you can see from the photo of me wearing ‘Tessera For Mark V 2’ workshirt by Susan C. Price.

Here then are a few of my prints available on women’s button down shirts from my gallery at Print All Over Me.  Be advised: order your garments from this company at least two sizes up from what you usually wear in United States sizing.  Print All Over Me sizing tends to be extremely small compared to what we’re used to in the US.

antique-pink-roses-womens-button-down-shirt-print-all-over-me-mark-barclay-designblue-hydrangeas-womens-button-down-shirt-print-all-over-me-mark-barclay-design cookies-on-creme-womens-button-down-shirt-print-all-over-me-mark-barclay-design dazzling-pink-flowers-womens-button-down-shirt-print-all-over-me-mark-barclay-design monarch-womens-button-down-shirt-print-all-over-me-mark-barclay-design sunflowers-womens-button-down-shirt-print-all-over-me-mark-barclay-designblack-rose-womens-button-down-shirt-print-all-over-me-mark-barclay-designpale-pink-flowers-womens-button-down-print-all-over-memonarch-butterfly-womens-button-down-shirt-print-all-over-me-mark-barclay-designgray-cactus-orange-flowers-womens-button-down-shirt-print-all-over-me-mark-barclay-design


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