Textile Design: Monarch

monarch-mark-barclay-photographyIt is always interesting following a design project from initial idea to finished product.  Sometimes a design ends up just as I’d envisioned it in the beginning, and other times during the process it ends up going in an entirely different direction and ends up looking like nothing I had in my mind initially.  Such is the case with two different fabric prints I created from my original photograph ‘Monarch’.

This print is closest to what I had envisioned: a mass of monarch butterflies so dense only the wings are visible.  If you’ve ever visited any of the ‘butterfly trees’ in Pacific Grove, California and seen the thousands of monarch butterflies crowding onto the branches of the trees, you know that the resulting image looks almost nothing like this.  In reality, that many butterflies crowded together looks like branches full of dead leaves: they fold their wings together to crowd in, and while a few of the brilliant orange wings are partially open, nearly all that is visible is the camouflaged underside of the wings.  This print, then, is a fantasy, and a beautiful one at that.  View the entire collection at Vida, Art of Where, Cafepress, and Spoonflower.

Monarch print silk chiffon scarf at Art Of Where.
Monarch print pillowcase at Cafepress.
Monarch print on a modern tee at Vida.
Monarch print chiffon draped kimono at Art Of Where.
Monarch print fabric at Spoonflower.
Monarch print ‘bucket’ style tote at Cafepress.
Monarch print iPad Mini case at Art Of Where.

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