Textile Design: Dazzling Pink Flowers

Dazzling Pink Flowers on women’s button down shirt at Print All Over Me.
Dazzling Pink Flowers tote bag at Fine Art America

I took the photograph this graphic is derived from a number of years ago at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens (see my other post here).  It is one of my favorites, and one of the first photographs I adapted into a graphic for textiles.  It works wonderfully on almost every material, and the clothes created from it are showstoppers.  As of now, you can find this print online at these stores: Vida, Art Of Where, Print All Over Me, Cafepress and Spoonflower.

Dazzling Pink Flowers ‘modern tee’ at Vida.
Dazzling Pink Flowers print on dozens of fabrics at Spoonflower.
Dazzling Pink Flowers on a velveteen pillow at Art Of Where.




Dazzling Pink Flowers on cashmere modal at Vida.
Dazzling Pink Flowers gift wrap at Spoonflower.

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