Textile Design: Cookies On Creme

Cookies On Creme print on women’s button down at Print All Over Me.

My friend and prolific cook, baker and mixologist John Apodaca, founder of Daddy-O’s Martinis and Johnny’s Pies & Cakes, recently created tray after tray of glazed sugar cookies for a Memorial Day party.  He shaped them as stars and glazed them in red, white, and blue.  They turned out so glossy and color saturated I couldn’t resist photographing them, knowing I would think of something to do with the photos.  A few days later I hit on the idea of turning the cookies into a fabric pattern, and voila – a unique patriotic print was born!  I painstakingly cut out each cookie from the original photo and placed them all on an antique white background giving the pattern an old fashioned, early twentieth-century appearance.  View this pattern on an entire collection of products by clicking on these links: Art Of Where, VidaPrint All Over MeSpoonflower, and Cafepress.

Cookies On Creme pattern on a modal scarf at Vida.
Cookies On Creme pattern on silky knit fabric at Art Of Where.
Cookies On Creme cotton v-neck shirt from Print All Over Me.
Cookies On Creme pattern on an iPad Mini case at Art Of Where.
Cookies On Creme pattern on a sleeveless top at Vida.
Cookies On Creme fabric at Spoonflower.
Cookies On Creme capris pants at Art Of Where.
Cookies On Creme flip flops at Cafepress.
Cookies On Creme reusable shopping bag at Cafepress.
Cookies On Creme acrylic double wall tumbler at Cafepress.




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