Textile Design: Sunflowers

Sunflowers print on women’s button down shirt at Print All Over Me.

sunflowers-vase-mark-barclay-designInspiration can come from anywhere, at any time.  While sitting at the table working on my laptop yesterday, I kept looking up at the lovely bouquet of sunflowers in the vase in front of me.  Such a cheery flower, and so resilient.  No wonder Van Gough was so inspired by them.  I was inspired as well and decided to take a break from what I was doing and take a series of photographs of them that I could use to create a fabric print.  The result is just what I had envisioned, and one of my favorite looks for flower prints: an endless field of blossoms.  This pattern looks wonderful on everything, and I’ve put it on everything I can find, with more to come!  Find this print at these stores (click on the names): Vida, Art Of Where, Print All Over MeCafepress, and Spoonflower.

Sunflowers print on a messenger bag at Cafepress.
Sunflowers print on silk at Art Of Where.
Sunflowers print on a sleeveless blouse at Vida.


Sunflowers print on an iPhone 6+ case at Cafepress.
Sunflowers on a duvet cover at Cafepress.
Sunflowers print on velveteen at Art Of Where.
Sunflowers on a modal fabric scarf at Vida.
Sunflowers yoga leggings at Art Of Where.
Sunflowers fabric, gift wrap, and wallpaper at Spoonflower.
Sunflowers print on a flare dress at Art Of Where.

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