Photography: Pink Flower Explosion

The colors of these flowers are unbelievable.  It will come as no great surprise I’ve used this image as the basis of a graphic design for fabric (see my post here).  I made very few adjustments to this image before publishing it; it’s one of those shots that just worked all on its own.  I took this photograph at one of my favorite gardens in the Greater Los Angeles area, the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens located in San Marino just outside of Pasadena, California.  There is always an abundance of plants in bloom at almost any time of the year, and they have botanical collections from nearly every place on the planet, arranged by native habitat, and spread over 120 acres.  If you haven’t been there already, make a point of visiting when you’re in the area.  I have hundreds and hundreds of photographs I’ve taken there in the past 30 years.  Every time I visit I discover something new.  You can buy this photograph framed at my gallery:, or download it from Shutterstock here: Mark Barclay’s Shutterstock Portfolio




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