Blue Hydrangeas Fabric

blue-hydrangeas-garden-capitolaOn a recent visit to the lovely beachside village of Capitola on California’s Central Coast, I took the opportunity of photographing a few of the beautiful gardens that line Soquel Creek, which drains into the Pacific Ocean splitting Capitola Beach into two halves.  The pathway along the creek (which looks wide enough at that point to be a river) winds its way through various gardens belonging to the quaint homes along the riverbank.  Amongst the dozens of photographs I took during the afternoon, the photos of a few of the enormous hydrangea blossom mounds stand out.  I couldn’t resist figuring out how I could use these magnificent flowers in a fabric print.


I love pattern and texture in photographs, and the prints I create reflect that.  My idea was to give the illusion of an endless field of blossom mounds, focusing on shades of blue and violet in this particular print.  This fabric swatch is from my store at Spoonflower.

My initial thought was to create a print specifically for silk and rayon.  It is particularly effective when used for scarves.  Here it is in Cashmere Silk on this scarf from my store at Vida.


It is also effective on clothing, my favorite is this sleeveless top, also from my store at Vida.



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